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Half Hour To Health

Half Hour To Health

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Natural Wellness

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Chiropractic for Life

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Vitalistic Nutrition

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River’s Edge Chiropractic

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  • Posture & Balance Analysis
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  • Full Spine & Extremity Adjustments
  • Corrective Exercise Programs
  • Affordable Wellness Care for Optimal Function
  • Whole Food Nutrition
  • Clinical Herb Analysis
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I was previously a patient at River's Edge Chiropractic, but had stopped coming in regularly. During this time my back pain became unmanageable, so I decided to start coming in for care again. Since I have returned for regular visits, I have been able to do things without thinking about if it will cause pain. It has been a long time since I was able to just move and not worry. Additionally, I have noticed that my gait has changed when I'm walking and that my feet do not point out, as they once did.
"First of all, I want to thank you for the care and dedication you provide for all of your patients. It always warms my heart when I recommend your practice to a friend or neighbor, and then learn how much better they are feeling as they continue with their Chiropractic adjustments at River's Edge Chiropractic."
"I have felt the closest to my full self in years! Every day for the past week I've had big wins with my energy levels, optimism, sense of humor, strength, and have BEEN mostly pain-fee all day long."
"After many months with hourly events of severe numbness in my left hand, and after being diagnosed with Stenosis of the spine by a neurologist, the problem persisted. The only solution offered was surgical. After deciding to take an alternate approach, I began seeing Dr. Carleen Thum for Chiropractic spinal adjustments. After only a couple of visits, the numbness in my hand dramatically decreased to twice daily. After eight visits of Chiropractic adjustment the numbness has completely gone away and has not returned. I highly recommend Dr. Thum's Chiropractic services."
"I am truly Blessed to be one of your many patients. The care that I receive at River's Edge Chiropractic has helped me remain healthy by putting my asthma and hay fever into remission, and avoiding respiratory illnesses, which I dealt with prior to starting my journey with Chiropractic Care."
"I am a patient at your Main St. address, and in the past couple of months your good people have been able to put me together and keep me there. You're doing a great job there, keep going, you're the best."

Cause of Interference in Your Nervous System:

  1. Physical - what you do to your body.
  2. Biochemical - what you put in your body.
  3. Psychological - what weighs on your mind.

We have the technology to find nerve interference and remove it. Our Wellness Workup assesses hidden interference to peak performance and optimal health!

If you are not experiencing robust health, you may have hidden interference in your nerve system.

When these stresses combine and overwhelm your body's ability to process them, your nerve system cannot run at peak efficiency. Physical, chemical or emotional stress can cause damaging changes in the brain/body connection which is housed in your spine and transmitted by your nerve system. These changes are called spinal subluxations.

At River's Edge Chiropractic, Your Wellness Connection, we provide chiropractic adjusting programs to release your subluxations, restore your body's natural healing function and coaching to keep your body revitalized for a lifetime of optimal function and wellness.

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Sara Carpenter, Dr. Carleen Thum, Lisa Simonds

Sara Carpenter, Dr. Carleen Thum, Lisa Simonds

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